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    At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON we provide various services related to windows and glass'. Apart from Window repair we also handle window installation both at a commercial setting and at a domestic setting, frame repair, and replacement, glass replacement, vinyl windows installation, etc.

    While handling windows repair we work on Car window repair, window frame repair, and foggy window repair. Below are the services we provide under Windows repair.

    Damage Assessment

    We observe the window in need of repair and thereby note the areas in need of repair and the extent of damage done to the window. Making use of an expert eye, we note issues that the client may not have noticed before contacting us to determine the next cause of action which may be a repair, overhauling, or a replacement.


    After, deciding what the damaged window needs, we would draw a quotation including the price of equipment used, materials needed for possible replacement, and service rendered while taking note of the time spent on the job. The company presents this quotation to the client before proceeding to start work.


    This is the main service rendered as the company assigns skilled workers to start work on the window repair. The workers are trained to be customer friendly and esteem the client even while relating with them. We try to reduce the inconvenience of our clients and finish the job as soon as possible within the confines of the given time. Workers are also trained to be professional during the job and maintain neatness of the environment they work in.


    We provide a warranty during a stated time for clients to complain in case they do d our service as less than satisfactory. If the service falls below the standard we state we have or beyond the negotiated time frame, this may lead to the use of the warranty.