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    Do you need window replacement in your building situated in Aurora Ontario? Has your window been giving you too many issues? Have you given up on fixing your windows? Are you revamping an old building and you think window replacement would add a new look to it? If yes, we've got you covered. Take a minute and imagine a building without windows. It looks odd, right? Windows are extremely important. Your building can not be complete if your windows are absent. Many times good windows make a serious difference. We are here to help you avoid that strange building you just imagined. Aurora window, glass, and door guy, ON are experts in all forms of window replacement at an affordable cost. We are your best bet for a stress-free window replacement service.


    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON is a company set to give you the best window and glass repair and installation you can get at an affordable price. Our services are structured to bring your satisfaction and recommendation. Our company values include Diligence, a Customer-friendly approach, Productivity, Excellence, and Integrity. We are intentional about providing a stress-free service for our customers while providing an adequate standard of excellence. We have different employees who are trained to focus on our company values. We work in both commercial and domestic environments, focusing on window or glass repairs or installation.


    At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON we provide various services related to windows and glass'. Apart from Window installation we also handle window repairs both at a commercial setting and at a domestic setting, frame repair, and replacement, glass replacement, vinyl windows installation, door installation, etc. Our services for window replacement, in particular, are stated below.

    We inspect the site we are to work on and take measurements of the old window. We take note of the width and height of the old window and visualize the fixing of the new window frame and the replacement of the whole window. Measurements may be taken of every old window which is to be replaced if the dimensions are different.

    We work on a quotation stating our budget in terms of materials and equipment used to replace the window. The quotation also mentions our service charge in consideration of the time spent on the job. This quotation is presented to the client and upon approval or agreement, we move to the next step.

    The work begins on-site and the workers are assigned to the site. Our workers are skilled and well trained. They work with professionalism and have a customer-friendly standard. They are good at what they do. They ensure the windows replaced are in a state of utmost neatness.

    The company has a warranty granted on services performed. The client may make use of this if there has been a breach of terms which may be late delivery or issues with installed windows. The warranty extends for some time and clients can not bring complaints after the stated time.

    Why Choose Us?

    This is the question in the mind of every client. What is Aurora's window, glass, and door guy, ON giving me that can not be found elsewhere? In a bid to answer it, the following reasons are stated

    We recognize the importance of time and are time conscious even in delivering our service.
    We make use of quality materials and standard equipment.

    Our workers are skilled and good at what they do. There is an assurance that due diligence would be done to the window being installed
    We have a customer-friendly standard and our workers are trained to esteem our clients.

    We value integrity and can work without supervision
    We are intentional about providing a stress-free service for our customers