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    Do you need a window locks repair service within Aurora, ON?

    Are you thinking no? Even though your window locks are faulty?

    How secure is your home if the window locks require repair? It is not secure, right?

    Once the window locks of your home need to be repaired the security of your home is compromised and the integrity of the full structure of your security system is questionable.

    You may have been searching for a company to fix your window locks but have not found the one you approve of yet.

    Maybe your issue is that you don't know how to contact a repair company.

    At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy may reach us through a phone call or an email. That is very simple, right? That is because we are determined to make our clients avoid unnecessary stress. We provide a trusted repair service and we also handle window knock repairs.


    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy is an organization that is focused on providing services relating to windows, glass, or doors.

    We are established to make things easier for our clients. Therefore, the cost of our service is affordable and prevents them from facing unnecessary stress due to the issues with their window, glass, or door.

    Our workers are well trained and good at what they do. They carry out inspections, repairs, and installation. Our workers can handle both inspection and installation.

    We handle our services in a way that is sure to make our clients pleased.

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    At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON we provide various services related to windows and glass'. Apart from Window installation we also handle window repairs both at a commercial setting and at a domestic setting, frame repair, and replacement, glass replacement, vinyl windows installation, door installation, etc.

    Our services on window repair include:

    Examination of the faulty lock and window in total. We examine the faulty locks to determine exactly what is wrong with them. We also examine the full window to discover if there are hidden faults we need to address. Based on this address we give the client recommendations either to repair the locks or replace them.

    We draft a quotation holding the total cost of repairs. It includes the cost of materials used for window locks repair and the company service charge which is influenced by the proposed time spent on the job. The quotation is presented to the client who accepts it if declines it.

    We begin work on the sure by assigning workers to the client's building. They begin work on repairing the window locks. This is done carefully to prevent damage to other parts of the window. Our workers are skilled and hardworking. They also deliver promptly and clean the environment after they are done with their work. Few interactions between the client and our workers would show they have been trained to have the interest of the clients at the apex of their actions.

    A warranty is granted to clients to grant them recourse if they are unsatisfied with our service. Complaints may be lodged over bad service or late delivery of work. If the window locks are faulty after a short period this can be contained. However, it should be noted that we do not take responsibility for damage caused by external forces.

    Why Choose Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON?

    This is the question in the mind of every client. What is Aurora's window, glass, and door guy, ON giving me that can not be found elsewhere? Why should I choose them over other companies coming my way? What merits do they have?

    In a bid to answer these questions, the following reasons are stated:

    We inspect the window locks to give our workers the feel or understanding of the work they will be doing.

    We recognize the importance of time and are time conscious even in delivering our service.

    We make use of quality materials and standard equipment.

    Our workers are skilled and good at what they do. There is an assurance that due diligence would be done to the window locks repair brought to us.

    We have a customer-friendly standard and our workers are trained to esteem our clients.

    We value integrity and can work without supervision.

    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy would handle your window locks repair with all the diligence it deserves. Contact us today!

    We are strictly professional in our business approach and especially customer relations