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    If your window hinges require repair in or around Aurora, ON, what do you plan to do about it? Do you just ignore it or try to fix it on your own? None of those is the solution. Ignoring it causes a compromise in the security of your building because it may make it impossible to close. Fixing it on your own may not be the best option because you may cause more harm to your window. You need a professional touch to fix the window hinges properly. Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy is the professional you need. We provide the service of repairing your faulty window hinges at an affordable price. Rather than the unnecessary exorbitant cost of installing a new window, why not let us help you fix your window issues.


    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON is a company based in Canada that offers services in terms of repair of old windows, glass, or doors and installation of new windows, glass, or doors. We work on various faulty parts of windows including window hinges. We are committed to doing a good job and pleasing our clients. We maintain a neat work environment and prevent unnecessary inconvenience to our clients. We have a track record of excellent service for both the repair and installation of windows, glass, and doors.

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    At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON we provide various services related to windows and glass'. Apart from Window installation we also handle window repairs both at a commercial setting and at a domestic setting, frame repair, and replacement, glass replacement, vinyl windows installation, door installation, etc.

    Our services for window hinges repair include

    We inspect the faulty window hinges and the remaining part of the window. We examine to discover what exactly is wrong with the window hinges and the possible cause of it. We also examine other parts of the window to see if there are any hidden issues. After the examination, we determine the possible solutions and present this to the client. On this basis, we make recommendations to the client on what steps to take, either to opt for replacement or repair.

    We draw a quotation showing the total cost of the repair. It includes the cost of materials used regarding the window hinges and the service charge for the company's services. This is presented to the client who decides whether to go ahead or not.

    If the customer's favourable favourable, then we begin work on the window hinges. We deploy workers to the client's building. They are well trained and skilled. They handle the repair carefully to prevent any damage to other parts of the windows. They ensure that their working environment is neat especially after they finish the job.

    There is a warranty on our services which enables the clients to raise complaints during a particular period if they find our service unsatisfactory. They may make complaints on the time of delivery or the quality of service rendered.


    This is the question in the mind of every client. What is Aurora's window, glass, and door guy, ON giving me that can not be found elsewhere? Why should I choose them over other companies coming my way? What merits do they have? What difference is there between their window hinges repair and that of other companies? In a bid to answer these questions, the following reasons are stated

    We inspect the window hinges to give our workers the feel or understanding of the work they will be doing.

    We recognize the importance of time and are time conscious even in delivering our service.

    We make use of quality materials and standard equipment.

    Our workers are skilled and good at what they do. There is an assurance that due diligence would be done to the window hinges repair brought to us.

    We have a customer-friendly standard and our workers are trained to esteem our clients.

    We value integrity and can work without supervision.

    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON delivers a great service while noting the constraint of time. At our company, your window hinges are in good hands.