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  • Window Cranks.

    Are you in or around Aurora, ON and you need your window crank repaired? Does it spin when turned?
    Does it refuse to pull in the sash long enough to connect to the lock?
    If so then you need an urgent window crank repair.
    Whenever any part of the window needs repair it should be treated urgently. This is because the window forms a very important part of the building both in terms of beautifying the building and securing the building.
    This is why you should stop ignoring that faulty window crank and reach out to us. At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, we would give your window crank the attention it deserves.
    It is very easy to contact us. All you need to do is place a call through to us.


    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON is a company established to help people handle their various issues with their windows, glass, and door.
    We provide a distinct service to our clients which is evident from the first stage of contacting us to when we carry out the service.
    We handle the installation of new windows, glass, and doors and also carry out repairs on existing ones. We aim to prevent our clients from experiencing consistent or constant issues with their windows, glass, or door.
    We provide window crank repair services and many other repair services depending on the one the client needs.

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    At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON we provide various services related to windows and glass'. Apart from Window installation we also handle window repairs both at a commercial setting and at a domestic setting, frame repair, and replacement, glass replacement, vinyl windows installation, door installation, etc.

    Our services for faulty window cranks include :

    Inspection of the faulty window cranks and other parts of the window. We inspect the window crack to know exactly what is needed be it repair or replacement. We also inspect every part of the window to discover if the window has any hidden faults. After the inspection, we make conclusions about the solution and thereby make recommendations to our client. All this is done with no cost on our client's part.

    We draw up a quotation based on the solution derived from inspecting the window crank. This quotation contains the total cost of fixing the window crank. It includes both the price of materials to be used and the service fee charge. This is presented to the client who accepts or declines the quotation.

    Once the client's approval is received we begin work. We deploy our workers to the client's building. Each one of our workers is a skilled handyman who knows his way around repairing anything related to windows. They decide on fixing either the teeth of the clank if only the teeth are worn or replacing the whole clank if the splines are worn or missing. They repair the clank promptly and clean their work environment.

    We grant our clients a warranty through which they can make complaints in case they find our services unsatisfactory. If the window cranks repaired are still having faults they have a right to make complaints to the company. The company would respond duly to all complaints raised. However, it should be noted that all complaints made should be within the fixed time granted for the warranty.

    Why Choose Aurora Window Glass & Door

    This is the question in the mind of every client. What is Aurora's window, glass, and door guy, ON giving me that can not be found elsewhere? Why should I choose them over other companies coming my way? What merits do they have? In a bid to answer these questions, the following reasons are stated

    We inspect the window cranks to give our workers the feel or understanding of the work they will be doing.
    We recognize the importance of time and are time conscious even in delivering our service.

    We make use of quality materials and standard equipment. Our workers are skilled and good at what they do. There is an assurance that due diligence would be done to the window crank repair brought to us.

    We have a customer-friendly standard and our workers are trained to esteem our clients. We value integrity and can work without supervision.

    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON is the safest company you can pick to repair your faulty window cranks. We have a track record of delivering an excellent job.