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    Did you give an unexpected broken glass in need of replacement? Has your glass been broken for a while but you had no time to handle it? Maybe yours is just a chip or crack that makes your windows look ugly and potentially disfigures your house. What if all you need to do is place a phone call or reach out through the mail to give your broken glass replaced? That seems so simple, right? Well, that is what we offer you at Aurora window, glass, and door guy, ON. We would have your broken glass replaced within a short time and everything would look brand new


    Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON is a company set to give you the best window and glass repair and installation you can get at an affordable price. Our services are structured to bring your satisfaction and recommendation. Our company values include Diligence, a Customer-friendly approach, Productivity, Excellence, and Integrity. We are intentional about providing a stress-free service for our customers while providing an adequate standard of excellence. We have different employees who are trained to focus on our company values. We work in both commercial and domestic environments, focusing on window or glass repairs or installation.


    At Aurora Window Glass & Door Guy, ON we provide various services related to windows and glass'. Apart from Window installation we also handle window repairs both at a commercial setting and at a domestic setting, frame repair, and replacement, glass replacement, vinyl windows installation, door installation, etc. Our services for broken glass replacement, in particular, are states below

    Site Inspection: We inspect the site we are to work on under the client's supervision. We observe the broken glass to discover the extent of the damage and if the frame has been affected. We also inquire about the cause of the break to find a way to possibly prevent it from happening again. It is from the site inspection we take measurements of the width and height of the glass to be replaced and determine the material needed for the job.

    Quotations writing: We then write quotations for the proposed budget of the job. The quotation includes the cost of materials to be used and the service charge which is based on the time allotted to the job. The quotation is presented to the client and upon agreement, work begins.

    Onsite work: This may be divided into two. After, workers have been assigned to the house the first thing they will do is to remove and dispose of the broken glass. The glass has to be removed from the frame and no shards would remain. The next step is to fix the new glass in the frame. The glass is carefully placed in the frame and if there are minor differences in the size it is filed to fit into the frame. Our workers are professional and skilled in their fields, they also deliver promptly.

    Warranty: We grant our clients a warranty so that they may make complaints if they are not satisfied with our work. They may do this within the stimulated time and only in two instances. The two instances are if we do not deliver at the set time and if our work is damaged. The damage should not be by external forces.

    Why Choose Aurora Window Glass & Door

    This is the question in the mind of every client. What is Aurora's window, glass, and door guy, ON giving me that can not be found elsewhere? In a bid to answer it, the following reasons are stated

    We are intentional about giving you the best service available. Contact us today for your broken glass replacement. You will not be sorry you did.